2020 Prius Prime

The Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid qualifies for $4,000 in combined rebates from BC's Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program and Federal's Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Program. The Prius Prime delivers 40 km of electric range thanks to its 8.8-kWH lithium-ion battery. 

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The all-new Prius Prime is the rare combination of smart technology and head-turning style.

Equipped with three different drive modes to maximize power and fuel efficiency, Prius Prime gives you all of the benefits of an electric vehicle with the proven reliability of a Toyota Hybrid.

The all-new Prius Prime offers these three modes:

Electric Vehicle (EV) mode combines a high capacity battery and electric motors to produce power. A generator produces power from the turning of the engine, or a Toyota-first a one-way clutch can engage the generator as a secondary motor for additional power, providing seamless acceleration and a top speed of 135km/h. Prime's EV mode gives you zero emissions from the tailpipe while offering great performance without expending any gasoline.

EV Auto mode, like EV mode, primarily uses electric power. The difference is that this mode will use Prius Prime's power control unit to intelligently decide when to automatically employ additional gas power, like when climbing a steep hill.

Hybrid vehicle mode uses a blend of power from the gasoline engine and hybrid battery. Toyota's proven Hybrid Synergy Drive technology and capable 1.8L engine, ensure that you travel on electric power at low speeds and a gas/electric combination for acceleration and higher speeds. All the while producing lower emissions and consuming less fuel.

Vehicle Feature Highlights:

High tech  Low consumption

Prius Prime has all of Toyota's latest hybrid technology. Sustainability has never looked this stylish. Constructed under the Toyota New Global Architecture philosophy, Prius is built to: handle better, ride smoother, and go further than any Prius before it. Strap in.

A cleaner commute

With Prius Prime's plug-in hybrid technology, you can commute up to 40km, strictly on electric power.


Easy/Fast Charging Times

Prius Prime offers the fastest charging time in its class, taking only 5 hr 30 mins to charge using a standard household 120v9 outlet. When you have access to a 240v10 outlet, charging time is reduced to 2 hr 10 mins. That's convenience. You also don't have to worry about purchasing special equipment to charge it.

Charging Schedule & Climate Preparation

Plug in your Hybrid at any time and set the timer to begin charging at specific points in the day or night. You can also set the heater or a/c to activate at the end of a charging cycle. That means your Prime is always fully charged in the morning, at a cabin temperature that's right for you.

Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert

A standard backup camera brings objects and people behind you into view. While nothing is better than an attentive and defensive driver, the available blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert will notify you of potential obstructions, showing you what you may not have otherwise noticed.


Available Colour Heads Up Display

Heads up display presents relevant information, like battery level, mileage, and turn-by-turn directions for upcoming instructions when using navigation - all on your windshield. This means more of your eyes on the road, not the dash.

Available Parking Assist

Using sonar, the Parking Assist feature can help you parallel park in even the tightest of spaces.

LED Lights

Less energy usage. More battery life. Standard on every Prius Prime, LEDs are the environmentally friendly answer to lighting up your roadway.

To inquire about the 2020 Toyota Prius Prime, please call us at 604-571-4350 or submit a form today!

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