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Get a 10% ICBC Discount with New Toyota Models

Autonomous Emergency Braking System Reduces Crashes and ICBC Premiums

We’re all a little too familiar with the high car insurance premiums we pay in British Columbia. For some of us the monthly cost of car insurance is even greater than our monthly car finance payments. Besides taking the time to add on more years of accident-free driving to your record, there haven’t really been that many ways to get you Autoplan rate down quickly. Until now.

ICBC recognises that newer cars have safety features that reduce the likelihood and severity of a crash and now offers an Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) discount to reflect this. The discount provides 10% off your Basic coverage which could equate to hundreds of dollars in annual savings! The best part of this is that almost all 2020 Toyota models will be eligible for the discount.

It’s all because of the innovative safety features that are now standard in 2020 Toyota models as part of Toyota Safety Sense. This is an advanced suite of active safety features that come from the idea that crash protection starts with crash prevention.

Toyota Safety Sense features the Pre-Collision System (PCS) that will either prompt you to brake or automatically brake when it detects an imminent collision and hence qualifies for the AEB discount. You can learn more about Toyota Safety Sense by clicking here.


Fill out the form below if you'd like more information or click here to browse our 2020 Models


Use the tool below to get an idea of what your basic premium could be like. Be sure to select "YES" to your vehicle having AEB to see how much you could save.

Stay safe and save on your insurance rates with Destination Toyota.