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In Stock - BZ4X (EV): Up to $11,000 in savings! | View Inventory

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Expert Windshield Chip Repair & Replacement in Burnaby

Quality Windshield Chip Repair or Replacement in Burnaby




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Destination Auto Glass can help with all makes and models and can perform mobile repair service if it does not require calibration to camera systems. We provide a wide range of services, including repairing minor windshield chips and even windshield replacements, windows replacements, and mirror replacements. Our windshield repair experts are some of the best in Burnaby and can even help with damages to the rear and side windows. We repair all makes and models, so don’t hesitate to book your appointment today.

ADAS Calibration During Windshield Replacement

Many vehicles on the road today feature Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) embedded in the windshield, which ensure increased vehicle safety and better driving.  ADAS systems can alert drivers to potential problems on the roads and can even take control of the vehicle when necessary. Features like lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control are possible through ADAS. We're proud to offer ADAS calibration services for customers needing windshield repair or windshield replacement. ADAS calibration involves aligning sensing devices in your car so that they function properly and provide accurate information to the ADAS within the vehicle.

Windshield Repair at our ICBC Glass Express Facility

Destination Auto Glass is proud to be an ICBC Glass Express facility, so your windshield repair or replacement could be covered under your Comprehensive Coverage, and the repairs may not affect your insurance premiums. We are authorized to create ICBC claims for customers, and all the repair work is done by government-certified installers. That’s part of the reason why all of our installations carry a lifetime installation warranty. Get in touch today to book your appointment!

Windshield chip repair.

Windshield Chip & Windshield Replacement FAQs

Do I need to contact ICBC?

No. Our team will be able to deal directly with ICBC and handle your claim. We make it easy!

Do I have to submit an ICBC glass claim?

No. You can still repair with us if you do not want to make an ICBC claim.

Will the windshield chip repair or replacement affect my ICBC insurance premiums?

No. If you have comprehensive coverage the claim will not have any effect on your premiums. In fact, you are typically allowed up to 4 repairs a year before your premiums will be adjusted.

Can my windshield still be repaired if there is more than one damage point?

Yes. As long as all points of damage are: smaller than a toonie, greater than 4cm away from the windshield's edge, and outside of the driver's line of vision we will likely be able to to repair up to 3 damage points. Anything more than that would severely affect the windshield's structural strength and we would recommend a windshield replacement.

Will you calibrate my car's safety system sensors (ADAS)?

Yes. We are able to recalibrate the advanced sensors for any make or model.



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