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Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense P - Pre Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

With Toyota Safety Sense P, the Pre-Collision System, or PCS, uses an in-vehicle camera and millimeter-wave radar to help detect the vehicle in front of your vehicle. In certain conditions, the PCS system included with the TSS P package may also help to detect pedestrians.

Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) - Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

Available on Toyota Safety Sense P, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control uses a millimetre-wave radar and an in-vehicle camera to help maintain a pre-set distance with the vehicle ahead of you. It then automatically adjusts your vehicle speed, helping to maintain a safe following distance, and smooth acceleration and deceleration.

Toyota Safety Sense™ - Arrive Safely

Arrive Safely with Toyota Safety Sense*™. Toyota Safety Sense is a comprehensive array of advanced vehicle safety systems that comes standard on virtually all models.

Toyota Safety Sense - Automatic High Beams

Driving at nighttime may increase the risk of accidents if drivers are not able to clearly see what is ahead. Automatic High Beam is a safety system designed to help drivers see more of what's ahead at nighttime without dazzling other drivers.

Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) - Lane Departure Alert and Lane Departure Alert with steering assist (LDA)

When the turn signal is not activated, the Lane Departure Alert function is designed to assist a driver from unintentionally deviating from their lane. On some models with Toyota Safety Sense P, there is an additional Steering Assist function. When turned on, it provides a small corrective steering input to the steering wheel for a short period of time to help keep the vehicle in its lane.

Active/Passive Safety Features

Toyota vehicles feature a broad range of active and passive vehicle systems to look out for you, your passengers, and pedestrians.

Toyota Safety Sense C - Pre Collision System

Pre-collision System uses an in-vehicle camera and laser radar to detect objects in front of your vehicle, alerting you with audio and visual alerts to help avoid frontal collisions. If you apply the brakes, the system may provide additional "Brake Assist" force depending on how strongly the brake pedal is depressed. If the system detects a potential collision and the driver has not applied the brakes within a set time, the system may automatically apply the brakes, reducing speed to help avoid the collision or help reduce the impact.

Toyota Safety Sense C - Pre Collision System

With Toyota Safety Sense C, the Pre-Collision System, or PCS, uses an in-vehicle camera and laser radar to help detect the vehicle in front of your vehicle.

Toyota Safety Sense™ - Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Arrive safely with Radar Cruise Control*. Regulate not only your speed, but also the distance from vehicles in front of you with the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control function.

Toyota Safety Sense™ - Automatic High Beam

Arrive safely with Automatic High Beam Headlamps*. Activate Automatic High Beams to automatically switch between high and low beams as appropriate, getting the most light possible without dazzling other drivers.