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In Stock - BZ4X (EV): Finance from 0.99% with rebates of up to $9,000. | View Inventory

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Appearance Protection Programs

Toyota CarAuto Protection - Inside and Out

Your vehicle is vulnerable to environmental elements, solvents, acids, harsh weather conditions, road debris and much more.

Diamond Kote Protection Programs will make sure that whether you trade your car in or keep it, your car will be in the best condition possible with the least amount of effort to maintain it.  Protection Programs are available for new and pre-owned vehicles.

Interior Protection

Diamond Kote Interior ProtectionDiamond Kote Interior Protection resists most water and oil-based stains. This is especially beneficial if you have children or pets.

Exterior Protection

Diamond Kote Nano Ceramic Paint Protection is one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. It ensures that no matter how you drive or where you park your car, your paint will never be exposed to threats like bird droppings, tree saps, road brine, UV fading, solvents and more. You will not have to worry about regularly waxing or washing your car.

Corrosion Protection

Car with damaged metal with rusty paint and corrosion above the tire

Diamond Kote Vulcanized Undercoating protects the exposed metal under your vehicle and fights off the corrosive effects of brine. As a bonus, the coating acts as a sound shield and insulates your vehicles from excessive road and engine noise.

Diamond Kote Rust Inhibitor penetrates deep into the rust prone areas and shields against corrosion where it starts.

Electronic Monitoring Protection

The new Diamond Kote Corrosion Protection Unit (CPU) is an revolutionary device that works with the vehicle's electronic diagnostic system. It wirelessly controls the corrosion electrochemical energy to protect all of the metal on your vehicle.

Ask one of our Financial Services Managers (604.571.4350) to review the best options to protect your vehicle.

The scientific breakdown on how brine and uric acid affect your car

What Is Brine and Why Is It Corrosive?

Brine is a mixture of rock salt (sodium chloride) and magnesium chloride (highly corrosive), dissolved in water so they can be sprayed on the road. More than 2 million gallons of this mixture are sprayed on the roads annually during cold weather.

Car rust and corrosion are caused by acid created when a salt is dissolved by the moisture in the air. Brine stays in its liquid state on your car when it is parked inside a warm garage, meaning it will slowly eat away at the paint and metal.

What Is Uric Acid and Why Is It Corrosive?

Uric acid is the white sticky paste in bird droppings. This is a chemical which is corrosive enough to quickly eat through a coating of paint and begin to etch it.

The sun warms your car metal in the day, making it expand and become porous, allowing the uric acid to penetrate. At night, things cool down and the surface contracts, hardening the newly incorporated uric acid into it, slowly allowing etching to form.