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BC Toyota Dealers

Going green with BC Toyota dealers

There is more to going green these days than just feeling good about doing your part in saving the Earth. Green technology represents some of the most innovative ways to promote efficiency in fuel consumption, which will save you a ton at the pump. Your local BC Toyota dealers can help you make going green a part of your life with the latest in the Toyota line of hybrid fuel cars. You can find new or certified pre-owned hybrids through the BC Toyota dealers so your budget doesn't have to keep you out of the fun.

How green got better

When the first Prius cars were delivered to the BC Toyota dealers, there was a lot of curiosity about them and a bit of skepticism. Many people came down to the BC Toyota dealers to test drive the first models but weren't convinced that a mostly electric car could provide the power and handling needed for the Vancouver winter. That the Prius got such great gas mileage was wonderful, but it just didn't seem practical. Most of the first Prius models were sold by BC Toyota dealers to people who could keep another car for when the weather was especially bad and drive the Prius when it was good. Since the first line of Prius models were released, the technology behind them has grown and changed. Now more and more people are picking a Prius first for all of their driving needs. The fuel technology has proven so efficient and practical that Toyota rolled out hybrid models for their popular Camry and Avalon models as well!

Taking care of your hybrid car

Keeping up with the maintenance on your hybrid car has also gotten easier. More and more mechanics are able to handle the basics and the dealer you purchase from can do the rest. From warranty work to major service checkpoints, there is next to no difference between keeping up with a hybrid car and maintaining a car with a regular fuel system.

Certified pre-owned hybrids

One of the other benefits of choosing a Toyota hybrid is they keep a high resale and trade-in value. Your local Toyota dealer can provide factory certification and pre-owned certification status for your vehicle. This means that the vehicle meets set standards and acts as an assurance for potential buyers. If you are considering purchasing a certified pre-owned Toyota hybrid, you will find that finance companies look very favorably on the certification tag. With it, they don't have to worry about the risk of loaning on a used car that may cease to be drive-able before the term of the loan is complete. Finance companies also favor brands like Toyota because they have a reputation for quality cars and them holding value over time.

How to pick a hybrid

The styles of the Prius versus the Avalon Hybrid are quite different. You don't have to change what you like in a car in order to get better fuel efficiency and be part of a more responsible world. Pick the car that offers the options you need and meets your driving style. Don't underestimate the importance of comfort in car ownership. The more you like your car, the better you will take care of it and the happier you will be.