In Stock - BZ4X (EV): Finance from 0.99% with rebates of up to $9,000. | View Inventory

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In Stock - BZ4X (EV): Finance from 0.99% with rebates of up to $9,000. | View Inventory

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Toyota Demo Cars for Sale in Burnaby, near Vancouver

If you are anything like us, you’ve spent some time searching online for ‘previously owned Toyota cars near me’ without ever finding the perfect previously owned ride. Allow us to help by introducing you to our selection of demo cars, trucks, and SUVs. These quality Toyota cars are very similar to our previously owned selection, but they come with a host of additional benefits that you’re going to love. It’s all the quality you’d expect buying a previously owned vehicle from Destination Toyota, but with a helping of extra value on top. 

The first thing you’ll notice is that demo cars are comparable in price to previously owned vehicles. They have mileage on them when you buy, and as a result, they must be sold at a reduced cost. Another key difference is that demo cars are designed to show off the best that Toyota has to offer, and therefore they come with many features and trims that don’t often show up in the classifieds. If your search has turned towards ‘top of the line but affordable Toyotas near me,’ then a demo car is the right call.

Advantages of a Demo Car

Discounted - Demo vehicles have registered some kilometers on them and are therefore priced lower than new cars to reflect the mileage.

Featured options - Since demo vehicles are meant to show off the best that Toyota cars have to offer, many are often are higher trim levels and typically include plenty of options.

Available warranty - Demo vehicles are considered new and therefore covered under Toyota's warranty.

Dealer-maintained – We take great care of our Toyota demo vehicles, which includes factory-approved maintenance when needed.

Great resale value – As the first registered owner, you can expect similar great resale value relative to a new car.

Another benefit of going with a demo car is that they have been dealer maintained for their entire life span as an active vehicle. Calling a previously owned vehicle ‘like new’ may seem like a cliché, but in the demo car, it’s as close to literal as a vehicle can get, thanks to the efforts of our incredible service team. As a buyer, you can trust that your new Toyota has received its regular factory-approved maintenance without fail for as long as it’s been in motion. Finally, demo vehicles are often considered new for the purposes of qualifying for warranties, so you’ll be getting many of the benefits of buying new but at previously owned prices!. 

Once you are done looking through our New or Pre-owned inventory have a look at what we have in our demo car selection. That perfect ‘previously owned Toyota near me’ may be closer than you think.

For more information about these cars, and to have a first-hand look at our selection, get in touch today!