Toyota Corolla Hybrid

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2020 Corolla Hybrid
Stunning design meets superb performance in the first-ever Corolla Hybrid. In the city or on the highway, Corolla Hybrid serves up a spirited ride and outstanding fuel efficiency, while significantly reducing CO2 emissions. And because Corolla Hybrid recharges on the go, there's never a need to plug-in.

How it Works?

  • Unlike Electric Vehicles, Corolla Hybrids never need to be plugged in. They recharge on the go, using innovations like regenerative braking to capture and transform energy into electricity and store it in the battery.
  • Corolla Hybrid doesn't compromise on power or performance, and helps you reduce your carbon footprint with every kilometre.
  • Hybrid engineering features can help to reduce wear and tear, so the Hybrid maintenance schedule is nearly identical to Corolla gas powered vehicles.

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