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Toyota Rav4 Vancouver

Drive the Toyota Rav4

When the very first Toyota Rav4 rolled off the showroom floors, it was a rather noticeable oddity. At that time, SUVs weren't what they are today. In fact, the Rav4 is one of the first crossover SUVs produced. It was a definite hit from the start, and today the Rav4 is just as popular as ever. If you are an individual that needs the rugged abilities of an SUV but don't want the size to go along with it, the Toyota Rav4 Vancouver is the perfect choice.

For the new Toyota Rav4 Vancouver, the 2014 model, Toyota has continued to live up to its expectations of providing a smaller SUV with plenty of power, amazing agility, and car-like handling. Despite being equipped with a 4-cyclinder engine, the Rav4 has the get up and go power that drivers want, offering 176-horsepower. The 6-speed automatic is the standard transmission in the current Rav4, although your choice of all-wheel or front-wheel drive is available.

If you're looking for something different but just as amazing how about the all-electric Rav4? The electric edition isn't available everywhere, but your Toyota Rav4 Vancouver dealer, Destination Toyota, may be able to help you get your hands on your very own. With the electric Rav4 you get an awesome 154 horsepower and an estimated 103 miles on a tank of gas. Amazing!

In addition to the electric models, there are three trim levels available on the current model Rav4. Those are the LE, the XLE, and the Limited trims. Even the base model LE is feature-filled with all of the goodies you could want or need. Features include third-row seating, rear view camera, touchscreen capabilities and a nice sound system with iPod/USB integration.

If you're not ready for a new Toyota Rav4 Vancouver, do not worry as you are always free to pick and choose any of the model years. While slight design changes are noted and some of the older models have different features, all model years of the Rav4 possess the same Toyota standard.

The Rav4 offers a roomy inside. Each and every passenger can take their trip without being crammed inside. And with seating for 6, you can be sure that you've plenty of room for everyone that wants to come along for the ride. When it is time to haul, the Rav4 will not let you down. Its cargo power is absolutely amazing! The Rav4 has tons of features, handling, power, and design. You may be thinking that all of these things add up to an expensive sticker price, however it is nothing like that. In fact, the Rav4 is affordable for almost any budget!

When you need an SUV but do not want a huge and bulky vehicle, the Rav4 will fill all of your needs. It has everything that you could want or need - and then some. Consider looking at the Toyota Rav4 Vancouver at Destination Toyota for your next vehicle purchase.