Used Toyota Corolla Information

According to the dictionary, a Corolla is the outer part of a flower. You needn't be a botanist, however, to know what the word means to Toyota ? their definition would be something like "big-time money maker."

The Corolla nameplate goes way back to 1966, which probably makes it one of the longest-lasting nameplates, at least among cars that have undergone as many redesigns as the Corolla has: the generation that debuted in 2003 is the ninth distinct body style to wear the highly-respected Corolla badge.

Compared to the eighth generation car, and every other Corolla before it, the ninth iteration of this insanely popular small car looked more substantial, standing taller, longer tip-to-tail and riding on a longer wheelbase. The result was a roomier interior, and the car as a whole had a much more solid feel on the road.