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In Stock - BZ4X (EV): Finance from 0.99% with rebates of up to $9,000. | View Inventory

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Vancouver Toyota

Getting the most out of Vancouver Toyota sale events

Every year, Vancouver Toyota dealerships host a series of annual, holiday, and seasonal sale events. Unless you are very organized, it can be easy for the sale to "sneak up" on you. The more you can prepare in advance, the better deal you can get during one of these Vancouver Toyota events. The key is to know what your options are before the event is even advertised. Here are two tips to help you get the most out of a Vancouver Toyota sale event.

Tip #1 - If you plan to buy, start shopping 4 weeks early

If you have honest intention to buy a car during a sale event and want to get the best deal - start shopping a few weeks early. This gives both you and the dealership time to work out the details and find exactly what you really want in an option package. There is a lot to be said about not being crushed in the press of a crowd when it comes to making an important decision like this. It doesn't just benefit you because if you let the sales person know you won't be making your purchase until the sale, which gives them the time to put together the best incentive package for you. Something they may be a bit overwhelmed to do later.

Tip #2 - Get your financing in place sooner, rather than later

Don't wait until the last minute to begin putting together all the documentation you will need to secure financing for your vehicle. This tip goes hand-in-hand with starting to shop a few weeks before the sale event and is essential to locking in a good deal. You can ask the dealership - which usually has a preferred financing company they work with (if not their own) - what documentation you need. Therefore, you can start getting it together before the paperwork is done. This is very important if you are applying for financing and your credit is less than perfect. It is easier to get an auto loan than any other type of loan when you have less than perfect credit, but the paperwork is extensive. You will have to make sure you have enough time to get all the records they will need to approve the loan during the sale event.